Sunday, April 18, 2010

Re-using = YARD SALE-ING!!

I have to say, I love me a good yard sale....or 20. Finding that gem amidst the junk (at least to me, lol, its probably someone else's gem) for pennies on the dollar just gives me a thrill. And its also an earth-friendly way to shop!

I spent 2 mornings this weekend in search of the ever-elusive diamond-in-the-rough and actually found not 1, not 2 but 3!!!! treasures. The first was a great condition bread-maker, with all the parts for just $2! The second, at the same sale no less, was an apple peeler/corer/slicer by Pampered Chef that was also $2 (I've actually been actively looking for one of these in traditional stores and haven't been able to find one), I like to make applesauce but hate peeling apples all day. My third find was an 8-drawer dresser (long kind, not tall) for.....drumroll please.......$3!!! Now, understandably it needs a lot of work, but luckily I have a wonderful husband that likes doing these kind of projects (he even loves yard sale-ing as much as I do!) and we've made some money on these projects in the past and keep our eyes out for them. My last big discovery was another dresser that was thick, solid wood, all handmade, just needed some sanding. Hubby did the work, we bought it for $15, sold it at our own yard sale for $55. Not too shabby.

I tried out the breadmaker and made some whole wheat today, a little bland to me, I'll have to find another recipe, but it was so easy to use and now I can make, fresh, wholesome bread for the family. I also used the apple thingy, and its really cool, turned the apples into skinless slinkies and I made an absolutely yummy apple crisp (all-natural ingredients, but still a big treat) that my husband demolished- I think there are a few bites left for me-in fact I think I hear them calling my name, so I'll end this post...until next time!

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