Monday, April 5, 2010

T-ball Snacks?

Why oh why?

I just don't understand why parents who are bringing snacks for the team think things like twinkies, doritoes, root beer and kool-aid are approprate snacks for a post-game refreshment for a bunch of 5-ish yr olds. Seriously?

So now i'll be known as the mom who brings the "yucky", healthy snacks because I refuse to be peer-pressured into bringing sugar-laden treats. Granted, I am trying to come up with something tasty that they'll at least be willing to put in their mouths for a taste, and not snubbed at first glance.
I'm still silently seething over this as i I have to be "mean mommy" to my son and tell him he can't have these things. Now I know an occasional treat of this nature won't necessarily hurt him, but he has 2 games every week, and that is too much for me, especially when I can make him healthy treats without the additives and HFCS at home. Maybe I'm overreacting, I know I can't expect every family to eat like we do, but I should be able to expect a decent snack...right?

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